Ethos Statement

All members of the seminary community are expected to have committed themselves to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord—a commitment evidenced by a life of personal integrity. This integrity is demonstrated through honesty, purity, and love. Members of the seminary community will, among other things, abstain from sexual relationships outside of marriage, from homosexual practices, and from the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs. It is also expected that personal attire, appearance, and conversation will be examples of holiness in the Christian community and the world.

Each member of the seminary community is expected to show respect for the institution and demonstrate a willingness to participate enthusiastically in the life and program of the seminary. This includes a charitable attitude toward others and toward the seminary’s mission, ethos, and statement of faith. This commitment is also demonstrated by an active sharing in the chapel program, prayer groups, and other scheduled activities of the seminary.