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Things at Emmaus are booming! Enrolment is at a record high, we have more degree programs than ever (more on our newest program below), we have a very exciting strategic plan for both the short and long-term future at EBS, and our faculty and staff is more robust than ever. Topping all of these is that we have received our international accreditation with the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association ( thereby making EBS the only internationally accredited, Protestant-evangelical theological school on the island of Hispaniola (population of 20 million)! We are so grateful for what God has accomplished and continues to do through EBS.

Our newest degree program excites me. The Master’s of Education in Instruction and Administration (MEIA) is designed to respond to two realities: (1) an educated citizenry will transform a nation, and (2) the vast majority of educators in Haiti are not properly credentialed to be in the classroom. One of the broader goals of MEIA degree at EBS is to create a steady stream of highly qualified and competent educators and educational administrators for Haiti that will be a powerful catalyst for educational reform in Haiti. The vision driving this mission is creating a nation of highly competent citizens prepared to work in all sectors in Haitian society thereby ushering a new future—all for the glory of God.

But what about future programs? Leadership at EBS is in the research and development stage of proposing two additional programs in 2019: (1) Bachelor’s in Education and (2) Master’s in Business and Entrepreneurship. The vision behind these two programs is to increase the flow of credentialed educators for Haiti’s citizenry, and to compliment Haitian culture’s innate aptitude and acumen for entrepreneurship that has emerged out of a combination of the necessity for resourcefulness for survival in the Haitian economy along with exciting business opportunities emerging within am quickly healing political context. There are arguably more opportunities for business in Haiti than ever before. EBS wants to be proactive and responsive about offering training and education that will help entrepreneur’s be successful.

God has called EBS to develop Christ-like leaders for the transformation of Haiti. By adding degree programs, we hope to develop not only leaders for the church, but leaders for educational and business sectors of Haitian society as well.





Dr. Matt Ayars, EBS President

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