Master of Education

in Instruction and Administration


Since 2004, Haiti requires all teachers to pass a certification test.


of Haiti’s 20,000 early childhood teachers are qualified


of Haiti’s elementary teachers are qualified


of Haiti’s 60,000 secondary teachers are qualified

The future development of Haiti inevitably involves the ability to educate its citizenry. The ability to educate Haiti’s citizenry inevitably involves increasing the number of qualified teachers and administrators available to serve in Haiti’s schools. To that end, the M.Ed. in Instruction and Administration (MEIA) will prepare persons to serve as teachers and administrators in the public and private schools of Haiti. However, the MEIA program will be unique in that it will prepare practicing teachers and administrators to supervise teachers, which will undoubtedly raise the level of teaching and learning in the classroom. The focus on supervision of teachers will not only enhance the quality of Haiti’s teachers, it will also increase a school’s ability to educate Haiti’s citizenry more effectively.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MEIA, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to the biblical and philosophical foundations of education.
  • Understand and apply instructional concepts, strategies, activities, and resources that enhance student learning and teacher supervision.
  • Understand and apply theories, principles and practices of educational administration that promote accomplishment of administrative tasks in an educational context.
  • Appreciate the need of nurturing and sustaining a school culture that is conducive to student learning and professional growth within a Christian community

Course List

  • Fundamentals of Teaching
  • Understanding the Learner
  • Educational Administration and Leadership
  • Educational Research
  • Course Planning and Design
  • Curriculum Development and Instruction
  • Capstone Project
  • Financial Management for Non-Profits
  • Developing Christian Community
  • Supervision of Instruction

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