The Valley of Decision

The Valley of Decision

Our Emmaus team is back from Gonaives, and here’s a brief report on their trip!  THANK YOU for your mighty prayers!

For the past week, one Emmaus staff member and five students have been working and living in Gonaives, a city of about 300,000 people southwest of Cap-Haitian.

Second year student Jonas was born and raised in Gonaives, spending the majority of his life at the Hearts and Hands for Haiti orphanage. Our team left Cap-Haitian and joined him there, where they were cared for by the orphanage staff, worked alongside it’s partner church, participated in several days of door-to-door evangelism, spent time with the kids, had discipleship and evangelism services each evening, and spent a day sharing the Gospel in a nearby mystic village celebrating a voodoo holiday.

Praise the Lord: Everyone is now safely back home, leaving little pieces of their hearts with the fourteen people who God brought back to Himself through their preaching, praying and sharing of the Gospel!

Praise the Lord: They had some incredibly stretching experiences, especially sharing the Gospel with people during the voodoo celebration. Rujerry was struck by all the ways the voodoo leaders keep their people in a place of fear, bondage and dependency. He was particularly moved by the four people who made decisions to get OUT…out of sin, out of bondage, out of fear, out of their old life and into a new one following Jesus, though it comes at the sacrifice of the support, relationship and help of the mystic community.

Praise the Lord: Hundreds of men, women and children in Gonaives heard, saw and experienced the Gospel through these four men and two women this past week. Pray with us for the seeds that have been sown. Thousands upon thousands are waiting in the valley of decision, and there the day of the Lord will soon arrive! Joel 3 vs. 14.

Praise the Lord: Our team came back rekindled for the Gospel and burning and broken with a love for the lost.  As we plan now for monthly mission outreaches through Emmaus this academic year, we are all excited about what God has in store

At Emmaus, we have no excuses. There are NO language barriers. The workers at Emmaus are many, with many spiritual gifts and united passion for seeing people come to new life in Christ. Emmaus has relationships and partnerships across the island, making ministry anywhere possible. The mission field is VAST and hungry and desperate and dark. God provides for His work, and we know He will.

Pray for Emmaus today as we bring in, and as we send out. Pray for Haiti as she continues in a desperate situation, most of all for Christ.

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Join us as equipping Christ-like leaders for Haiti and the world continues TODAY at Emmaus!

Thank you for surrounding us with your prayers!

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Preparation for the Fall!

Preparation for the Fall!

Summers at Emmaus are busy! Most of the time at Emmaus is spent preparing for the upcoming school year. Just last week we interviewed 27 prospective students for our Bachelor’s of Divinity programs, and are working on recruitment for a new Masters and Theological Studies program cohort. We’re also working with returning students on getting them registered for Fall courses. University offices are busy with activity and traffic as we’re getting ready. We have the best staff at Emmaus!

Please pray for us as we prepare for the best year yet at Emmaus. Prayer that students find the funds they need to pay their school bills, and please pray for the incoming cohort of students. These soon-to-be-selected freshmen are about to embark on one of the most important times in their journey of learning in preparation for a life of ministry. Pray that all the right people are with us!

Pastors, We Need Your Books!

Pastors, We Need Your Books!

Do you have books in your pastoral library that are just collecting dust? Put them to use! Send them to our theological library in Haiti!

If you have books to send to us, just email us at