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Holiness Emphasis Week

Rev. Stan Key, from the Francis Asbury Society (Kentucky, USA) preaches during Holiness Emphasis Week.


Our library is becoming a full-service learning resource center. See how you can help.

Meet JONAS, a life abandoned to His Word

Read the story of Jonas, 3rd-year student and IT staff member.

Meet Dr. Tsoukalas

Learn more about Dr. Steve Tsoukalas, Professor of Apologetics and World Religions.

Meet MANIA…an evangelist transformed by family

Read the story and journey of 1st-year student Mania Suprinvil.

Why this important class isn’t meeting today

Tomorrow, these 18 students won't be in one of their most important classes.

Meet Jopnel!

Meet and hear the experience of 4th-year student Jopnel Joseph

Busy Week!

The first week of the Fall 2018 semester is behind us and it was a busy week!

The Leavells

We welcome new EBS administrators Drs. Mark and Marybeth Leavell!
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