Visiting Teams

Mission teams that come to work alongside of Emmaus are welcome throughout the year (max. team size of 12 people Sept-May, 20 people June-August). There are a variety of projects, activities, and ministry opportunities available depending on the time of year and the interests/skill sets of the team members. We “custom-make” the team experience according to the current needs of the seminary and the team with whom we are working.

The team cost is $65 per person/per night to stay at Emmaus. This cost includes transportation to and from the airport, church, and excursion, as well as room and board, and all meals here on campus. Lodging is dorm style or in guest rooms, and includes pillows, bedding, and towels. Our Haitian kitchen staff typically serves breakfasts and dinners, but team members prepare lunches. We ask that teams bring some lunch items (for example: peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna/chicken).

In addition, the University charges a project fee of $125 per person. This fee helps to pay for the paint, building or construction materials, translators, and other resources needed for the team’s selected project or ministry for the trip. Depending on the work being done, some teams may not fall under a set fee and the Hospitality Team will customize a team contract that best fits your needs.

Most groups choose to do 1-2 excursions during the trip. A $35 per person excursion fee is included in the total cost. Excursions may include a trip to the beach, the Citadel, a local pool, a day of hiking/waterfalls, or a visit to Fort Picoulet (all of these include lunch).

Team Documents

Review the items below for more information and guidelines for a team visit to Emmaus.

The Guesthouse

The Emmaus Guesthouse is a loft-style apartment designed especially for teams. The guesthouse can sleep 12-14 people, with 3 baths, full kitchen, and den for you to enjoy. We have 24-hour electric, wireless internet, and clean water.