On Wednesday, May 10, EBS hosted a banquet for the class of 2017. It was a lovely time of giving thanks and cherishing the memories from four years of study at EBS in the presence of staff, family members, and dearest friends. Our best to the class of 2017.

Faculty kids!

Noelzine, Moliere, Sandy, and Aldy

Stacey, Giselaine, and Phida

Vice Academic Dean Fanfan Joseph with his family

Aldy Joseph and Moliere Olwich

EBS Academic Dean Rev. Lucner Pierre

Jezika and Phida

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars

EBS Prayer Coordinator Rev. Belony Ebilus with his family

Rose and Wency

EBS Librarian Simeon Desauguste and his wife

EBS Students Wilbens and Rose

EBS Maintenance Manager Junel Duffaut and his family

EBS Dean of Student Life Claudin Noralus and daughter

EBS Food Service Supervisor Giselaine Mathurin

EBS Students (Right to Left): Wilbens, Jean William, Elianie, Joudeline, Sandra and Rujerry