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Our mission is to train Christ-like redemptive leaders. We don’t just give students an academic degree. We challenge them to the life of a mind transformed in Christ, empower them to see their God-given abilities, and equip them to boldly lead out for the kingdom so that their communities and nations will be transformed.


About Our University

We are one of the only higher education institutions in Haiti with governmental recognition and international accreditation. 

Emmaus University exists to equip Christ-like redemptive leaders for the transformation of Haiti, the Caribbean, and beyond. We do this through higher education rooted in Christian orthodoxy in response to the theological needs of the global church in the developing world. EU is committed to making disciples, church planters, and transformative leaders as well as academic rigor and a world-class education.


Academically Strong

Our pursuit of academic excellence flows from our commitment to Scripture’s mandate to love the Lord God with all of our minds (Mark 12:30) and from the Bible’s emphasis on the importance of theological education for those called to ministry.

Building Strong Hearts & Strong Minds.

Transformation starts here.

Academic programs at Emmaus are geared to create strong, competent, redemptive leaders for all sectors of society who embody the ethical standards of Scripture and the professional competencies needed by society.

Bachelor of Divinity

The Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv) prepares students to be a witness for Christ in the culture to which they are called and to the contemporary world by giving students a thorough grounding in the truth of God’s word and teaching the Bible in the context of its setting, demonstrating the relevance of the authority of the Bible today. The BDiv program also focuses on developing leaders for the ministry of discipleship and formation—understanding the biblical, educational, and organizational principles at the foundations of effective ministry.

Master of Education

Developing Haiti through the education of its citizenry requires a greater number of qualified teachers and administrators. To that end, the MEIA degree will prepare persons to serve as teachers and administrators in the public and private schools of Haiti. However, the MEIA program will be unique in that it will prepare practicing teachers and administrators to supervise teachers, which will undoubtedly raise the level of teaching and learning in the classroom. The focus on supervision of teachers will not only enhance the quality of Haiti’s teachers, it will also increase a school’s ability to educate Haiti’s citizenry more effectively.

Master of Arts in Leadership

The Master of Arts in Leadership and Administration (MALA) prepares persons to serve as leaders who exhibit the Christ-like leadership required in an increasingly complex and changing cultural context and equips them to assume leadership positions in churches, Christian schools and colleges, mission organizations and community organizations. In addition, the MALA provides an opportunity for those who are currently in service to enhance their leadership skills

Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Christianity in the context of Haitian culture characterized by afro-Caribbean animism faces particular social, psychological, and political issues. Leaders in the Haitian context who have a firm grasp on how worldview, anthropology and sociology impact theology will be effectively equipped to navigate the particular challenges facing the development of the church in 21st century Haiti.
The primary goal of the MATS is to strengthen effectiveness of ecclesial leadership in Haiti and the Caribbean through a critical contextualization of Trinitarian-based Christian theology for afro-Caribbean culture and worldview.

Academic Programs

Emmaus offers degrees in the School of Theology and Ministry, the School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and the School of Education.

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Emmaus has a diverse faculty not only from Haiti and the Caribbean but also the United State, Canada, and the UK.

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Bachelor’s and Master’s

Emmaus University offers an undergraduate degree in divinity and graduate degrees in leadership, education, and theological studies.

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Haiti and the Caribbean deserve the very best of the kingdom of God. They need men and women ready and equipped to be redemptive  leaders of God’s truth to their cultures and context. 

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Help Us Change a Nation.

To change a nation, change its leaders.

Emmaus University has a rich history of discipling students to become holy leaders in the image of Christ. A year at Emmaus costs students about $500US. Because of the economic hardship in Haiti, Emmaus substantially subsidizes student tuition and fees. Your investment will help change a nation for the Gospel. You can make a difference.

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Take a tour at Emmaus, see the campus, learn about classes and programs, and meet some of the people that make Emmaus one of the best educational opportunities in Haiti.