Emmaus University staffs a fully credentialed faculty, both Haitian and international, with graduate and post-graduate terminal degrees.

Dr. Matt Ayars

University President and Dean of the School of Theology & Ministry

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Dr. Bryan Easley

Executive Vice President and Provost

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Dr. Pierre Lucner

Vice President of Enrollment Institutional Advancement, Professor of Christian Apologetics

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Dr. Ray Easley

Dean of the Schools of Education & Leadership

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Prof. Bill Edler

Registrar and Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

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Dr. Guenson Charlot

Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry

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Dr. Fanfan Joseph

Associate Dean of the Schools of Education and Leadership

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Dr. Marybeth Leavell

Dean of Spiritual Formation and Faculty Development

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Dr. Mark Leavell

Director of Learning Resources

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Dr. Steve Tsoukalas

Professor of Christian Theology

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Dr. Philip Richardson

Visiting Professor of New Testament

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Rev. Elizé Alphonse

Faculty of General Education

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Dr. Gail Longbotham

Professor of Leadership

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Prof. Stacey Ayars

Marketing Director and Professor of English (ESL)

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Prof. Pamela Simpson

Professor of Systematic Theology, New Testament, and Church History

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Come Teach

Twice a year EU invites select visiting professors from outside of Haiti (including professors from the US, Canada, England, and Wales) to teach intensive courses.

Job Openings

To apply for positions, email a cover letter and CV to¬ hr@emmaus.edu.ht.