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Admissions Questions

Can I study online?

No. All courses require time spent on the university campus. The undergraduate program is fully residential. Graduate programs are a hybrid format, requiring a 1-week on-campus intensive for each course.

Do you offer any other Bachelor’s programs?

No. Divinity (theology and ministry) is the only undergraduate or Bachelor’s programs we currently offer.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Yes, limited financial aid is available to students with a demonstrated financial need. Contact the Admissions Office to arrange for an application for assistance. The Financial Aid Committee reviews all applications, including an applicant interview, and makes the determination about financial aid awards.

Masters programs

Graduate Studies

Bachelors/license programs

Undergraduate Studies

Qualified Applicants

EU seeks high-quality students who (1) are able to perform academically, (2) have a growing spiritual life, and (3) sense a call to theological training or Christian-oriented leadership.

Highly Qualified Faculty

Emmaus University ‘s faculty, from both Haiti and around the world, have advanced or terminal degrees in their field.

Bachelor’s and Master’s

Emmaus University offers the Bachelor of Divinity and three Masters degree programs.

University Life

Emmaus University has modern dormitory housing and a dining hall along with a variety of activities such as chapel, discipleship groups, recreational activities, and student ministry/work teams.