Alumnus and Kingdom Growth

An EBS alumnus recently visited me (Matt) just to catch up. Excellent Paul was one of my favorite students.    He was a non-traditional student that went from being homeless, to completing his secondary education at an older age, to then enroll at EBS. His heart looks like Jesus and is a “Flag-Ship” student for EBS. 

“It was amazing, Matt, we saw 176 people come to Jesus!,” he reported. “That’s wonderful! How did it all come about?”  

“Well, a member of our church said they had a vision to go to Cayes and reach people for Jesus. We decide to pray about it and sensed the Spirit’s confirmation to go, so we went and stayed an entire month simply to preach the gospel and disciple believers in partnership with another church in the area.”  

“I’m so glad, brother. Thank you for your service to Jesus!…what can EBS do to help the cause? Are you facing any obstacles that may cause a decrease in momentum?”  

“We desperately need discipleship materials to follow-up with converts. They need to know how to truly follow Jesus and become full-blown, faithful disciples,” he replied.  

At that point I told him about EBS’ Reaching the Heart of Haiti program is designed specifically for making disciples in Haiti and can be used even by those who cannot read or write. He was thrilled. He’s having a follow-up meeting at the end of this week with EBS Staff to get training in how to use the materials along with a supply to get things moving among these new converts.  

Pray for Excellent and these 176 new believers. Jesus is constant drawing people to himself. It is an honor to be a part of it!