even the pig did not die

After sharing the powerful story of what God did at Bois Caiman last year, today we share the follow up story from August 2020!

Due to last year’s ceremony in Bois Caiman being a complete bust, voodoo priests from Haiti’s capital stepped in for 2020. Last year’s pact with Satan had been totally ruined, and so many politicials and witchdoctors were motivated to renew the pact and start again.

When our church heard this, we held a week of prayer and fasting against their efforts. We prayed that the Lord would confuse their plans and make their goals for darkness in vain.

Even as we were still praying, tons of traffic started coming through Vaudreil as people from the south started coming for a full week of renewal with the demon of the Bois Caiman area, Briz.

During their week of ceremonies, they sent witchdoctors to our church to block us and to stop us from praying.

They came Sunday morning, but we were in the middle of praying and worshipping, and they were unable to enter…they literally could NOT come in.

On Wednesday we were fasting and praying and they came again, this time with a list of people to curse. The head witchdoctor had the list in his hand of people to have killed, and he tried to come in, again, and the group he was with said again and again that it was too hot to enter, they could NOT go in. We still have that list as they fled.

When the 14th came and we were all praying and fasting, the days arrived for their ceremonies and it was complete and utter chaos.

When it was time to the kill the pig (right where we had done communion last year), everyone was complaining about how it was so hot and so dusty. The leader finally said there was just too much dust, and they started calling out to the demons to send rain to calm the heat and dust.

It did not rain.

The sound system would not work.

The main leader everyone had come to work under did not show up.

The DJ quit when the sound wouldn’t work.

The sun was blazing, the dust was choking.

Everything went SO badly that even the pig did not die! The whole thing starts with sacrificing pigs, and I promise you, not even over the stinking pigs were they successful!

People had come SO far, and they grew increasingly frustrated and angry. They had spent time and money and energy to come, and despite all that they had poured out, the demons didn’t even show up. Everything they had done was in vain.

The week after, one of the chauffeurs from the week came to our church and testified about how angry all of his passengers were.

That was in August, and we are confident that after God had blocked and squandered all efforts for evil again and again, that the long heritage of Bois Caiman is done.

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