Meet Frito, covered in battle

“I was born in Labrier, not far from Emmaus, and I was born into a family that was truly vulnerable and not Christian. The way we grew up, we just didn’t have any capacity. My father worked hard in the garden, but often we didn’t have any extra money for school, and I had to stay home.

My parents sure tried, but the way we lived, trying not to starve to death, we were pushed to make due, make due. I finally got through sixth grade, and headed to O’Cap in 2005 to continue my studies. Sometimes I had to stop because of money, but I kept on.

As non Christians, there were always a lot of issues in my house. We did whatever we could for food and a little money, and did whatever we wanted for ourselves the rest of the time. I lived with different girlfriends, different families, and one day I was sleeping all alone in my house, and when I woke up I didn’t feel good at ALL. There was a heavy spiritual oppression over me, and I felt physically and emotionally sick.

I got up in the middle of the night and went to my sister’s house. She was a Christian, always trying to talk to me about Jesus, and I just knew I needed to be near her. She talked to me and prayed for me, but as soon as I felt better, I just went right back to my life.

My family started to worry about me because I was functioning, but just not doing well. A second time, in the middle of the night at my cousin’s house, while I was sleeping, I felt the same heaviness again, but with added force. I got up and started saying the Lord’s Prayer that I had heard many times, but I was so miserable I finally got up and went to my sister again.

She prayed with me again, gave me a Bible, and I felt sick and hungry, deep. I read and read and the more I read the more terrible I felt. I knew SO deeply that I NEEDED something.

I stayed with my sister, to be near Jesus in her, and one day I felt like the Love of God came down on me. It felt heavy, and it felt clarifying, like I had been sleeping my whole life and the Lord was waking me up. I started praying and realized that all there was in my life was going to be God.

Little by little, as I read and learned more, God was teaching me about Himself. He knew me like no one else did, knew what I was struggling with inside me, knew me.

Every night when I slept, I was always in the middle of a battle, always fighting, always running.

My father, who was worried about me, came and got me and took me to the witchdoctor to help me.

But surprisingly, the boko told my father he couldn’t do anything for me, that he could see nothing, that it was like I was covered up and he couldn’t work with the spirits.

I went back to my sister, and her church was praying hard for me. I owned one shirt and one pair of pants, and in them, I started going to church, wanting more.

I realized that I was truly in the middle of a deep spiritual battle, and finally, I could look up, even when I didn’t feel good, and know that God was with me. The church was supporting me, encouraging me, calling me into Jesus, giving me His Word, and it began to sustain me.

I’m at Emmaus today, studying God’s Word, because it is the only way for me, and because my sister is here finishing her second year. After all these years, she is still so faithful, and she loves the Lord and studying His word, and she keeps on encouraging me. I didn’t have the capacity, but the church helped me. I told the Lord if he wanted me to come, to open the doors, and He has.

I am growing so much now, in this vibrant body of believers, and He is providing for me little by little. Pray for me and for my family, for the battle is the Lord’s.

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