Meet Wadson, led by the Father

I grew up in a home that had a love for what God loves.

We were not wealthy by any means, and even our church which my father helped build was built of coconut branches, and we had to rebuild it three times a year due to storms.

But the love and sacrifice my father had for the Lord, preaching every Sunday and truly loving the people at my church…I truly saw daily in my father the kind of man and the kind of dedication to the Lord I wanted.

I’m here at Emmaus today because the love of my father led me to give my life to His Father.

Because of growing up in church and with my father being the pastor, everyone always called me Little Pastor. I didn’t have a problem with becoming that, but I thought there were other things I wanted to learn first. But one of my pastors graduated from Emmaus, and as I grew he kept telling me more about Emmaus. I started having friends who studied at Emmaus or who told me about Emmaus.

Emmaus has this reputation of spiritual growth and living in the good health of the Lord, despite circumstances, and when it was time to decide what to do, I wanted to come to Emmaus.

I was sure it would be closed because of the ongoing political instability that has seemed to have many places closed for so long now, but it was not! I enrolled this past summer and I am so thankful.

I love the Introduction to the Bible class with Pastor Fanfan. I’ve grown up in the Bible, I know it has 66 books, and I always just preached whatever I heard other people preaching. But now, I am learning it for myself. I am studying what God is saying, and sharing from THAT. I’m learning so much that I have never heard or studied on my own!

My prayer is simple: that God would use me. I don’t know how He wants to use me, but I pray that He will use me how He wants, when He wants and where!

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