We had the most just GOOD convocation service this past Wednesday.  It was just GOOD.  The worship was fantastic. The sermon was convicting and humbling, the prayer time was powerful, praying over our first year class was beautiful.  Listening to them read their commitment to holy living and humble service and to be family…reading with our staff and students our promise to live life alongside and to minister to them and equip them and love them. It was all just GOOD.  Wish you coulda been there.

This is a special first year class.  Some of them are incredibly intelligent.  Many of them are very hardworking.  Several of them are just radiant leaders, many of them have sincere hearts for service and ministry, many of them radiate a true love for Jesus and a desire to love Him and give Him well…they’re beloved men and women.

Do you support a student at Emmaus yet?
If you don’t, please pray about coming alongside one of these men or women.  We need your help equipping and discipling and caring for them, and Christ-in-them-in-Haiti is such a powerful investment in His kingdom.

Please be praying for our first year students with us!

It was a good long week and we are pretty well beat this evening.  Carol and I almost have everything balanced in the office, intensive courses finished today, Lily and Sofie had a bunch of their friends over this afternoon, we grilled out with our visitors, and Matt and I are both getting ready to start teaching again this week!

Next post…things we think are normal, but you might not…

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