Dr. Lucner, a testimony of praise in the path of a nightmare

“In March, as we read about, researched and prayed through Covid-19, it seemed to be such a nightmare. I am the senior pastor of a large church in Vaudreil, Cap-Haitian. As you know, Haiti has very little quality medical care, and most families live one day at a time. We didn’t know how Haiti was going to respond to the virus, and we surely didn’t know how the church was going to respond to being locked down and separated out. But I can testify today with praise…we have seen this time of trials grow the church in so many ways.

Even during lockdown, His church continues to grow. We learned, first, how to do services online. Today, people who never came to church before in the communities throughout Haiti are watching weekly live services.

Today, the Haitian population in Brazil, Chile, Turks and Caicos, the United States, Canada…we are seeing them watching services here in Northern Haiti, we are hearing from them about how God has brought the Gospel, in their heart language, to them, right where they are!

Another positive result of this time of lockdown has been the growth and development of small groups and small home churches, people stepping up to lead and to serve who weren’t before, people growing in their faith on their own. Many families are meeting together in small groups with other members of the church in their area, and there has never been such a focus on growing in Christian community.

Families in our church who have always brought their children to church for Biblical study and teaching are suddenly realizing that they must teach and disciple their children well at home. People are realizing–because they had to–that the church begins at home, and parents are growing in their faith because they are being relied upon to share it!

Finally, our weekly Bible study at the church usually has about 100 people in attendance. We still have about 100 people come every Wednesday night, but now, since putting it online, we are having an additional 800-3000 views EACH week!

I can say it honestly: I am praising the Lord for this time of great trial, and I pray that we will each persevere in deepening our roots in Him, and blossoming His church, for His glory!

Join us next Tuesday as Dr. Lucner shares the pact with Satan that brought his church to a powerful time of fasting, prayer and action…and finally, to Thanksgiving!

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