Exciting News from Emmaus!

Imagine you have almost 200, almost 500, almost 1000 students at your school, very limited resources, and a staff of passionate but ill-equipped teachers looking to you to help them manage crowded classrooms, build good curriculum, help with students with special needs…and figure out how to pay for it all.  There are courses you could take, degrees you could earn, equipping you could receive in Florida, in Tennessee, maybe even in the Dominican Republic…but your school doesn’t have the resources to send you, nor the two-four years to spare you, and continued education in your third or fourth language is a pretty daunting idea, anyway.

Over the last many years, dozens of pastors and professionals in this exact situation have been passing by Emmaus, asking for HELP.  The Department of Education has asked for help.  Schools down the road both ways have asked for help.  Alumni have been asking for help, and after years of praying and planning and dreaming, this January, by God’s great help, Emmaus began a Master’s in Education degree for these men and women, for these schools, for these thousands of children and young adults.

Forty people registered the first week…6 of them government officials in Education, 3 of them from One Mission Society’s International School, and all forty principals, administrators, professors and educators in dozens of schools throughout the North.

Not only is this a huge opportunity for Emmaus to equip men and women for His transformation in Haiti, but it’s also giving us a beautiful and consistent opportunity to share the Gospel and Gospel-based teaching with many of these professionals who are not believers…and therefore influence the thousands of students these forty represent.

Because of donors like you supporting EBS and because of professors like Dr. Thornton who are generously giving of their time and experience and education, Emmaus is offering these classes for only $200 USD each (with textbooks), making this the most affordable–and only local–Master’s Degree in Education we’ve ever heard of!

We are praising the Lord for this great need and dream being met and realized, for the staff and students that God has brought us, for the campus and staff we already have in place to make this possible, and for the way He has opened many doors.

It’s by prayer and help and God’s grace…Thank you for being a praying and sending part of people here at Emmaus…for the transformation of Haiti, and the world.

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