The library at Emmaus University is moving rapidly toward being a full-service learning resource center – not just a repository for books. To this end, we need a large copy machine and laser printer for students to use.  Future planning also includes the addition of a staffed Writing Center to assist students with all aspects of writing academically in French and English.  Regarding books, we are significantly lacking in volumes in French for theology, education, and leadership.

If you have specific questions regarding the needs of the library, please contact the Librarian at To explore Emmaus University library resources, please click on the Library Search icon in the website page footer.

Important Announcement from the President

Important Announcement from the President

Emmaus Community and Friends,

In January 2017, Emmaus Biblical Seminary celebrated its 50thanniversary. This was a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving for God’s grace that enabled Emmaus to fulfill its calling and mission to develop Christ-like leaders for the transformation of Haiti and the world for five decades!

The 50thanniversary was not only a time of celebration, but also a time of deep reflection and prayer. While looking back on what God has accomplished through Emmaus in the past, we are looking forward to God’s plans for the future of Emmaus. How can Emmaus be strategically positioned to be even more effective in fulfilling its God-given mission? How can Emmaus make an even greater impact for the Kingdom in Haiti in the fifty years to come?

In exploring the will of God through prayer and dialogue with Emmaus stakeholders (including current leadership, students, alumni, and donors) the Emmaus Biblical Seminary Board of Trustees unanimously approved changing the name of the institution from Emmaus Biblical Seminary to Emmaus University of Haiti, effective January 1, 2019.

Of course, theological training for local church leaders will continue to be the core engine and institutional distinctive of Emmaus! The Emmaus Board of Trustees is unwaveringly fixed on theological training as the center of all that Emmaus does. So why the name change?

The stated mission of Emmaus is to develop Christ-like leaders for the transformation of Haiti and the world. This mission is not limited to local church leadership. Through the past number of months, the Emmaus community came to the clear sense that God is calling Emmaus to develop Christ-like leaders not only for the church, but also for other sectors in Haitian society. Haiti needs Christ-like leaders in politics, in education, and in the business sector.

In 2017 Emmaus launched a Master of Education in Instruction and Administration (MEIA). This was our fleece. We wanted to “feel out” what we were sensing from the Holy Spirit by doing a trial run at a degree program for leaders in a sector of society not limited to local church/theological leadership. Over a very short period of time and with very little campaigning for recruitment for the MEIA program, we had a record enrollment of nearly forty students in our very first cohort. This record enrollment and hunger for leadership development in the sector of education helped us realize the urgency for competent leaders in education. In January 2019, we will be starting our second cohort (also with a very healthy enrollment) in the MEIA program, thanks be to God.

Some other changes coming as a direct result of this vision and strategic plan for Emmaus is the development of three schools within the university: (1) School of Theology, (2) School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, and (3) School of Education. With this, the current tentative schedule for rolling out new degree programs include:

  • January 2019: Master of the Arts in Leadership and Administration (MALA)
  • Fall 2020: Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)
  • Fall 2020: Bachelor of Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BBEL)
  • Fall 2020: Bachelor’s in Education (BEd.)
  • Fall 2021: PhD in Transformational Leadership (PhD)

We are excited about the future. We are excited about being a part of God’s work to bring about real and lasting transformation in Haiti through leadership development. We invite you to join us in prayer as we diligently work, by God’s grace and power, to reach optimal effectiveness in fulfilling our mission to develop Christ-like leaders for Haiti and the world.

Matt Ayars
President | Emmaus University of Haiti




Why one of our most important classes isn’t meeting today…

Why one of our most important classes isn’t meeting today…

Evangelism and Discipleship is one of the most important courses taught at Emmaus, but tomorrow the 18 students taking it won’t be in class.

“I want to give the students a chance to share their faith in the ways we’ve been studying, and also an opportunity to see the great need for the Gospel in people’s lives,” professor and staff member Jodenel Ambrase shares. “So tomorrow we’re hiking out to Kanpech. It’s an act of obedience that will put into practice all that we’ve discussed and learned so far.”

“Sometimes,” he continues, “we think we need to go very far to preach, but we have to remember that near our community, wherever it is, darkness reigns.”

A small village known for being intentionally cut off from others for the sake of preserving ancient traditions and protecting saturation in voodoo, Kanpech has previously rejected the transformation and freedom of the Gospel, largely due to fear. It’s been two years since Emmaus attempted major outreach in this zone.

“The Evangelism and Discipleship class at Emmaus is so important because I truly believe that they are ministries close to God’s heart!” Jodenel shares emphatically.  “He wants to reach people through us, and there is such joy in heaven for each person who comes to know Jesus. No matter what your degree or theology is, if you’re not drawing people to Christ, it’s nothing.”

Please pray with us tomorrow for Pastor Jodenel and our second, third and fourth year Evangelism and Discipleship students.  Pray for the softening of hearts and the opening of eyes in Kanpech!

Today and everyday, Emmaus continues to powerfully equip and practically train Haitian men and women for the transformation of hearts, mud-hut villages, Haiti and the world.

Busy Week!

Busy Week!

Well, our first week of the Fall 2018 semester is behind us and it was a busy week! This week EBS hosted three degree programs (six cohorts) and lots of progress on the new building project.

Courses last week included:

  • Course Development and Design (Master’s of Education)
  • Contemporary Theories and Practice of Leadership part II (Master’s of Arts in Christian Leadership)
  • Methodology (Bachelor’s in Theology)
  • Pastoral Theology (Bachelor’s in Theology)
  • Christian Ethics (Bachelor’s in Theology)

Also, our new solar batteries on en route! Should be here in two weeks. This will help us save approximately $1000 monthly!

Second Year Cohort (Undergrad Program)

Pastor Josue Jacques teaching Christian Ethics

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Well, we’re getting ready for the 2018–2019 school year to begin! Preparations include getting the campus cleaned up an ready to go, new student interviews, preprating for new student orientation and retreat, staff family day, and faculty forum.Should be an exciting year!