Absolutely Here. Absolutely Now.

Absolutely Here. Absolutely Now.

By Stacey Ayars, Director of Marketing, Emmaus Biblical Seminary of Haiti.

Look at that…I’m actually caught up with what happened today!

Today was our year-end staff lunch…a time set apart after everything else is finished to treat our hard-working staff to lunch, to reflect on the year, and for lots and lots of speeches!

Every year the students ask us to pray that they would grow spiritually, and because of THESE 25 men and women, Emmaus is absolutely the place, and now is absolutely the time.

These are men and women who are of character, on and off the job.  Men and women who are leaders and servants and servant leaders in their homes, in their churches, in their communities.  We live together, we eat together, we work together, we know each other well, and it is with such joy that we are able to say to our students: “Be Like THIS.”

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.  1 Corinthians 11:1

Be like these women who serve us good meal after good meal together, with joy and in peace, without bickering and complaining and gossip.  Be like these security men who are faithful and firm and kind and serving humbly and continually every day.  Be like these staff who take your calls at night, have their office doors open, are always ready to help and pray and listen.  Be like these professors who are working together and praying continually and working to teach in the most practical and heart-forming ways.

It has been with much prayer and training and pouring and changing and growing and following that God’s formed for Emmaus the men and women of character that you see here, men and women whom we can tell our students to follow.  These are the change in Haiti, the different in the world.

And listening to everyone’s hearts today was a joy…Junel sharing his desire as an 8-year-old boy to be a person who would listen close for the Lord and would be ready and quick to obey…

Elizé sharing his desire to do better still…

Phida’s praise to the Lord for the family she never had He has surrounded her with…

Fanfan talking about the ways, just at lunch, that Emmaus is a family, not by word, but by action.

Jodenel talking about all that Emmaus invests in him so that he can invest in others.

and enjoying being together, all the while.

Anything exciting or meaningful or transforming we see coming from Emmaus is because of Christ in these men and women, the leaders. The servants.


EBS Staff

EBS Staff

The EBS faculty, staff and administrataion celebrating the end of a another great year at Lakay Restaurant today in Cap-Haitian.

What a special group. The EBS family. Our Staff is our Curriculum.


Graduation 2017

Graduation 2017

Photos from Graduation 2017!

EBS Faculty and Staff pray for the graduates

EBS Graduate Joan Dejak

EBS Graduate Wency (ti profèt)

Valedictorian Aldy Joseph

Moliere Olwich


Valedictorian Aldy Joseph and third year student Jean William Pierre

Paul Louis Jacques and family.

Aldy Joseph and Emily Heckman

Giselaine Mathurin and Edlin St. Fleur

EBS Students lead worship during the ceremony

EBS Recto, Dr. Matt Ayars addresses the assembly

Vice Academic Dean Fanfan Joseph

Third Year Students – Ceremony Ushers

EBS Administration and Faculty

EBS Faculty Dr. Child Presumé

2017 Graduation Banquet

2017 Graduation Banquet

On Wednesday, May 10, EBS hosted a banquet for the class of 2017. It was a lovely time of giving thanks and cherishing the memories from four years of study at EBS in the presence of staff, family members, and dearest friends. Our best to the class of 2017.

Faculty kids!

Noelzine, Moliere, Sandy, and Aldy

Stacey, Giselaine, and Phida

Vice Academic Dean Fanfan Joseph with his family

Aldy Joseph and Moliere Olwich

EBS Academic Dean Rev. Lucner Pierre

Jezika and Phida

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars

EBS Prayer Coordinator Rev. Belony Ebilus with his family

Rose and Wency

EBS Librarian Simeon Desauguste and his wife

EBS Students Wilbens and Rose

EBS Maintenance Manager Junel Duffaut and his family

EBS Dean of Student Life Claudin Noralus and daughter

EBS Food Service Supervisor Giselaine Mathurin

EBS Students (Right to Left): Wilbens, Jean William, Elianie, Joudeline, Sandra and Rujerry

50th Thanksgiving Service

50th Thanksgiving Service

On Saturday, May 6, we had a Spirit-filled Thanksgiving Service for 50 years of existence. The service was held at the Evangelical Church of Vaudreuil and participants included past and present seminary Directors, Deans, Students, and Staff. With many choirs and approximately 1000 in attendance, it was a wonderful sacrifice of praise that we offered to the King of Kings for 50 years of developing Christ-like leaders for the spiritual transformation of Haiti!

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars and EBS Founder Dave Graffenberger

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars and EBS Academic Dean Rev. Lucner Piere (with EBS Professor Bill Edler)

EBS Students Left to Right: Joan Dejak, Jean Mardochée, Eliab Alexandre, and Levy Dieujuste

EBS Students Aldy Joseph and Sundy

EBS Students leading worship


EBS Doyen Rev. Lucner Pierre

EBS Students

Enoch Firmin leading his choir

EBS Fonder Dave Graffenberger

EBS Student Rujerry Francois leading worship

Our dear Esther