Meet MANIA…an evangelist transformed by family

Meet MANIA…an evangelist transformed by family

Her upbringing would never lead you to believe that God had a plan or a promise for her life. Claiming that she wasn’t truly his child, her father and siblings abandoned Mania and her mother when Mania was still very small. They moved to Cap-Haitian, but when Mania was 16, her mother died.  “I know of my father and my brothers and sisters, but they all say that I am not one of them, that I am not their family. It was all the heartbreak of losing my mom and truly having no one that brought me to Jesus, and becoming a Christian only caused them to reject me further.”

She gave her life to Christ at alumni Pastor Migueleson’s church, and rented a small room from the church. Not long after, a student from Emmaus Biblical Seminary who was also attending Migueleson’s church noticed that she truly had no one to help her, and took her under his wing. All day she worked odd jobs for rent and food, and in the evenings, Ezechiel paid for her to take high school classes.

In 2009, Ezechiel graduated from Emmaus and started doing evangelism in the remote mountain village he had grown up in, Baron.  “He asked me to start helping him share the Gospel there, and so as I finished school, I often joined him and several others in sharing the Gospel all over the mountain top. In 2010, I helped him plant a church in Baron, and that is still where I work today.”

“I live at Emmaus all week,” Mania tells me. “I do my homework every evening, and every Saturday morning at 8 am, I leave for Baron.  I take public transportation to Cap-Haitian, take a motorcycle to the city of Baron, ford the river, and hike for three hours to reach the church, usually by around 2 pm. I work with the kids’ club every Saturday afternoon and lead a Bible study for the elderly in the evening. Sunday morning I teach Sunday school and lead the services with Ezechiel preaching, and Sunday afternoon at 2, I head back to Emmaus.”


In the summers and on Easter and Christmas vacations, Mania lives on that mountain top in a stick hut in the church yard, helping Ezechiel, leading Vacation Bible School, working with the elderly, and participating in her favorite ministry, evangelism.
“I came to Emmaus because I want to be a missionary, all out. I love sharing the Gospel, and when you finally get to the mountain top at Baron, you see a dozen other mountain tops further in, further away.  I want to share the Gospel there, I want to reach those further zones, where the Gospel still hasn’t been.”
When I ask her what class has been the most transforming for her so far at Emmaus, Mania tells me it hasn’t been a course.

“When God sent me Pastor Ezechiel, for the first time in my life I had a father. But when I came to Emmaus, I found a family. The stress of my life has been having no family, and when I’m here, I’m finally home. My Emmaus family loves me and helps me, prays with me and teaches me, feeds me and shelters me, and I’ve never had that in my life. This family is what has transformed me.

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Why one of our most important classes isn’t meeting today…

Why one of our most important classes isn’t meeting today…

Evangelism and Discipleship is one of the most important courses taught at Emmaus, but tomorrow the 18 students taking it won’t be in class.

“I want to give the students a chance to share their faith in the ways we’ve been studying, and also an opportunity to see the great need for the Gospel in people’s lives,” professor and staff member Jodenel Ambrase shares. “So tomorrow we’re hiking out to Kanpech. It’s an act of obedience that will put into practice all that we’ve discussed and learned so far.”

“Sometimes,” he continues, “we think we need to go very far to preach, but we have to remember that near our community, wherever it is, darkness reigns.”

A small village known for being intentionally cut off from others for the sake of preserving ancient traditions and protecting saturation in voodoo, Kanpech has previously rejected the transformation and freedom of the Gospel, largely due to fear. It’s been two years since Emmaus attempted major outreach in this zone.

“The Evangelism and Discipleship class at Emmaus is so important because I truly believe that they are ministries close to God’s heart!” Jodenel shares emphatically.  “He wants to reach people through us, and there is such joy in heaven for each person who comes to know Jesus. No matter what your degree or theology is, if you’re not drawing people to Christ, it’s nothing.”

Please pray with us tomorrow for Pastor Jodenel and our second, third and fourth year Evangelism and Discipleship students.  Pray for the softening of hearts and the opening of eyes in Kanpech!

Today and everyday, Emmaus continues to powerfully equip and practically train Haitian men and women for the transformation of hearts, mud-hut villages, Haiti and the world.