2016 Staff Christmas Party

2016 Staff Christmas Party

The EBS Faculty, Staff, and Administration celebrated our annual Christmas party last week. It was a wonderful celebration that gave God glory for uniting us as a team and using us as humble servants for his purposes in the Kingdom in Haiti.

Student Testimony – Djempson

Student Testimony – Djempson

I grew up going to the Haitian Catholic Church, listening to the same liturgy over and over, always the same thing, always on repeat. But to be Haitian, in my family, was to be of a Haitian Catholic Voodoo worldview.

When I got older, I became really ill, and had fever and pains in my stomach for weeks on end. I became so sick and in pain that I couldn’t even walk any more. Though my family had separated entirely from my older sister when she had married a Christian and converted, they now sent me to her, knowing that the hospitals in town were far better than ours in the country.

She told me she and her husband were taking me to the hospital, but they didn’t! They carried me to their church, told everyone that I had come to be converted, and the church prayed for me right then and there. I was mad, and my family was mad! I didn’t want to convert! I just wanted healed. But my sister explained to me gently that there was no healing outside of Christ.

I had to keep going to church if I wanted to live with my sister, and little by little, I saw an entirely different thing, an entirely different God than I had seen back home. The church was different, the God was different, the pastor was different, and for the first time I saw that perhaps God cared about my life.

Now, I converted truly in my heart, and miraculously, God healed both my heart and my body. I have never been sick like that again, and God continues to change me!
When I was getting ready to go to university, I had a vision several time in which someone stood in front of me, held out their hand, and said, “Come, I have something different for you, that of 1 John 1:1.”

1 John 1:1 says, “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of Life.”

Once I accepted that maybe being a Math teacher wasn’t what God had for me, I prayed for God’s confirmation, and soon I had another strange dream.  This time, a person came to me and said, “Take you ID, your school papers and 250 gdes to Saccanville.”

I didn’t even know where that was, and everyone told me there was NOTHING in Saccanville, nor was there ANY university in Haiti that only charged 250 gdes to apply.

I had prayed for confirmation, so, even though I was confused, I got my papers together, got 250 gdes, and took public transportation to Saccanville.

I got out of the truck, and right there in front of me on a big wall, it said, “Seminaire Biblique Emmaus.”

I went inside, told the Academic Dean that I thought I was supposed study God’s Word at Emmaus, and he said, “Well, if so, you need your ID, your school papers, and 250 gdes!”

I came to Emmaus out of obedience, but after a few weeks, He changed all my desires, just like my conversion story.

I am now all in, and there is no where I would rather be, and nothing I would rather do than 1 John 1:1…proclaim the Word of Life!

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IWU is in Town!

IWU is in Town!

Dec 5–9 marked the start of activity for the MTS program delivered by Indiana Wesleyan University on the EBS campus! The course was Christian Worldview taught by Professor Marc Mailloux who served as a missionary in France for over twenty years. Thanks to all who made it a success! Special thanks to Fanfan Joseph!

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Merry Christmas From Emmaus!

Merry Christmas From Emmaus!

I (Stacey) sent out this update for EBS today, and wanted to share it with you, too, from today:
Long before the sun had it’s chance this morning, powerful songs of praiseradiating from the chapel woke our family.
At first I was confused, and then remembered that on the last day of everysemester, deliberate times of thanksgiving start the day.
Because it is no small deal.

It is said that between 40-60% of children in Haiti will never attend school, at all.

Of those who do, 60% won’t have the opportunity to finish 6th grade.
Imagine how many young men and women get to finish high school!
And it is said that only 1% of high school graduates are able to ever continue their education.
Add in all the many struggles of daily life, need, sickness and natural disasters…?
This image of a full cafeteria from our Christmas party a few days ago is a
Big. Deal.
God has been faithful in the lives of very many men and women, through very many days, through a very challenging time in the country…and this morning He woke us up at the other end, and no one wants to let that miracle pass by unnoticed.
God has been faithful and made it possible, and so have YOU–
your giving and your prayers.
We thank God for using you so faithfully this Christmas.
Keep on lifting us up, and we continue to remember you in our prayers and praise, with a thrill of hope this Christmas.
Merry Christmas, God with us!
Christmas Time at EBS!

Christmas Time at EBS!

It is hard to believe that this is our last week together at Emmaus Biblical Seminary for 2016!

Monday, President Matt Ayars preached on the paradoxical truth of Christmas…ALL that God is–His sovereignty, His grace, His love, His power–all wrapped up in a tiny baby.

If He can do THAT, surely He can take all that we are, a meager offering at best, and do something amazing through us…in our lives, our communities, in Haiti and in the world.

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Praising God for an amazing semester, for the fantastic students, faculty, staff, donors and prayer-warriors who are the EBS family, and for the life-changing, mind-blowing, world-transforming gift of Christmas.

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