Merry Christmas From Emmaus!

I (Stacey) sent out this update for EBS today, and wanted to share it with you, too, from today:
Long before the sun had it’s chance this morning, powerful songs of praiseradiating from the chapel woke our family.
At first I was confused, and then remembered that on the last day of everysemester, deliberate times of thanksgiving start the day.
Because it is no small deal.

It is said that between 40-60% of children in Haiti will never attend school, at all.

Of those who do, 60% won’t have the opportunity to finish 6th grade.
Imagine how many young men and women get to finish high school!
And it is said that only 1% of high school graduates are able to ever continue their education.
Add in all the many struggles of daily life, need, sickness and natural disasters…?
This image of a full cafeteria from our Christmas party a few days ago is a 
Big. Deal.
God has been faithful in the lives of very many men and women, through very many days, through a very challenging time in the country…and this morning He woke us up at the other end, and no one wants to let that miracle pass by unnoticed.
God has been faithful and made it possible, and so have YOU–
your giving and your prayers.
We thank God for using you so faithfully this Christmas.
Keep on lifting us up, and we continue to remember you in our prayers and praise, with a thrill of hope this Christmas.
Merry Christmas, God with us!

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