Why this important class isn’t meeting today

Evangelism and Discipleship is one of the most important courses taught at Emmaus, but tomorrow the 18 students taking it won’t be in class.

“I want to give the students a chance to share their faith in the ways we’ve been studying, and also an opportunity to see the great need for the Gospel in people’s lives,” professor and staff member Jodenel Ambrase shares. “So tomorrow we’re hiking out to Kanpech. It’s an act of obedience that will put into practice all that we’ve discussed and learned so far.”
“Sometimes,” he continues, “we think we need to go very far to preach, but we have to remember that near our community, wherever it is, darkness reigns.”

A small village known for being intentionally cut off from others for the sake of preserving ancient traditions and protecting saturation in voodoo, Kanpech has previously rejected the transformation and freedom of the Gospel, largely due to fear. It’s been two years since Emmaus attempted major outreach in this zone.

“The Evangelism and Discipleship class at Emmaus is so important because I truly believe that they are ministries close to God’s heart!” Jodenel shares emphatically.  “He wants to reach people through us, and there is such joy in heaven for each person who comes to know Jesus. No matter what your degree or theology is, if you’re not drawing people to Christ, it’s nothing.”

Please pray with us tomorrow for Pastor Jodenel and our second, third and fourth year Evangelism and Discipleship students.  Pray for the softening of hearts and the opening of eyes in Kanpech!

Today and everyday, Emmaus continues to powerfully equip and practically train Haitian men and women for the transformation of hearts, mud-hut villages, Haiti and the world.