Good Crazy

As you read this, our fourth year class is celebrating one last worship service together in the chapel in the middle of campus, 10 men are bending rebar in the rain around the newly poured posts of the new classroom building, 25 Master’s of the Arts in Christian Leadership students are working with Dr. Gail, another three Master’s cohorts are arriving for their classes at 1 PM, and the undergrad students who aren’t in chapel are finishing off final exams.

It is a crazy, busy week with lots of visiting professors, lots of projects happening, graduation quickly approaching on May 11th, and every single student of Emmaus, both undergrad and Master’s students, here on campus.   That means that every single room that could be considered a classroom is packed (including the cafeteria!), that every single person who could be considered a translator (who is NOT taking one of the classes) is translating, that every single dish that could be considered a plate is in use, heaped with steaming rice and beans, and that every single device that could be considered a fan is on full blast. It means lots of crazy…and lots of good.  The community and classroom conversation has been rich, the chapel services–corporate worship with people from ALL over Haiti and even the world–powerful, and the training  and debating and researching and applying is just evident.  

This is the kind of crazy that Emmaus is well-equipped to DO…this is the kind of crazy that brings good community, good partnership, good preaching, good teaching and good change.Our pots are pouring out, our professors are emptying their knowledge and experience and expertise, our translators are releasing all the language they’ve been storing, our students are unloading all they’ve been learning on final tests and projects, our staff is exhausting all the resources we have left to finish the year well…and meanwhile, HE IS FILLING.  

Praise the Lord that the work at Emmaus is not our own, but the Lord’s, and that He takes our pouring out and uses it for forming and filling, as only He can.   There is a lot going on at Emmaus right now, and you can follow us on Facebook for frequent updates and photos and even videos!  We want you to be up-to-date so you can be encouraged, so you can be praying, so you can be involved. With more students than ever, more programs that ever, more ministry happening inside and sending outside than ever, we need your help and prayers more than ever, too.

Our biggest needs right now are for: student scholarships, to keep tuition for all our students low and to keep our unique work/study program providing good food and a quality living environment without cost, and funds for our new classroom building project. Construction is well underway and will be providing 2 large classrooms, long-ago needed.   Thank you for being a praying and sending and emptying part of Emmaus…for the transformation of Haiti, and the world!