The Heckmans

The cherished Heckman family headed home last week to visit with family and friends for the summer. As Phil and Emily return next academic year, they will be shifting from full-time to part-time.

For the next academic year, Emily will serve as an EBS Development Representative for thirty weeks of the year that she will be in the US. While in Haiti for the other twenty-two weeks, Emily will serve as Hospitality Coordinator. Phil will serve as a special project contractor while in Haiti for twenty-two weeks.

We are so grateful for the many years of full-time service the Heckman’s have given at EBS. They have greatly enriched the EBS community and life on the campus with their perennially positive presence. Even though they are shifting into part-time roles withe EBS, we are so grateful to have them still serving as members of the EBS family!

If you have questions about their travel schedule, please contact Emily at